Benjamin Lee Bison - NY Strip Steak
Benjamin Lee Bison - Cooked NY Strip Steak

Bison NY Strip Steak

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The NY Strip (also known as the Kansas City Strip) is a boneless steak cut from the Loin, where some of the most tender bison cuts come from. This is a lean and tender steak with slightly more marbling than a filet, and is leaner than a Ribeye. The NY Strip is one of the most versatile steak cuts and should definitely have a permanent home in your freezer.

NY Strips come 1 per pack

NY Strips range in weight from  8 - 16 ounces per steak / $30.00 per pound

Cooking Tips

Recommended Recipe:

Bison Strip Teak with Mushroom Risotto and Gorgonzola Cream Sauce