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Bison In Bulk

As we continue growing, thanks to our great and loyal supporters like you, we have continuously been looking for new ways to better serve you and provide you with the high quality bison meat that you are looking for! With that said, we are excited to announce that in 2021 we will be offering 3 new ways to buy our bison meat:

- Subscription Box Service

- Wholesale

- Bison Sharing Program

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Subscription Box

We will be offering subscription boxes, filled with our exclusive, heritage breed cuts of bison meat. A box catered to the seasons filled with all the cuts that make your mouth water when the season change and recipe cards with additional information on how to make the most of each specialty cut of your 100% naturally raised bison meat.

To be granted first access to the subscription box - we are offering an early sign up which comes with the opportunity to provide your personal input how the boxes are curated.  

"Meat" us here to be a part of the design process ~







Buy bison in bulk! If you want to stock up your freezer with high quality bison meat, this is a great option for you. Through our Bison Sharing Program you will be able to buy a quarter, half or whole bison. Once a whole bison is ordered, whether solely by you, by a group you put together (think friends and family) or by a third party also ordering a portion, the schedule you a custom processing date and we get to work on creating your cut sheet!

Please reach out with any questions as we can offer recommendations on the necessary freezer sizes per package as well as the average cuts and weights that are a part of each package.  

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Wholesale options are ideal for restaurants, retail and butcher shops where you have the ability to customize your large scale order to fit your needs. Whether you need a high volume of individual, retail packaged cuts or looking for primal cuts to to custom butcher at your shop or restaurant there are plenty of options to suit your business's needs.

Wholesale Inquiry